The Essential Guide to Inkjet Cartridges

1. Introduction

Thank you for buying this guide i hope i have presented the information in a clear,concise and easy to understand way. I hope you will find it informative and that it will aid any future decisions that you make when making your next purchase of a printer or ink jet cartridges. This Guide to Ink jet Cartridges has been written to try and explain clearly the differences between different types of ink cartridges, and to set out clearly the advantages and disadvantages of each particular type. These ink jet printer cartridges can be categorized in to three types, mainly

1.OEM cartridges (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

2.Compatible cartridges

3.Remanufactured cartridges.

2. OEM cartridges (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Original cartridges are the brands of the printer manufacturers, many of the cheaper models are only half-filled or even less. Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) A brand name ink jet carries the brand name of the manufacturer on it, usually the same as the printer manufacturer, for example, Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard, etc. dmt cartridge The manufacturer sell the printers he makes very cheaply knowing that he will make much more money from the replacement cartridges that must be bought to make the printer work. He can charge whatever he wants to for the cartridge. In the life time of a printer the cartridge might be changed seventy times dependent on its use. This is of great advantage to printer manufacturers.

2a. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

This act was signed into law by the American Congress 28/10/1998 to update the copyright laws for the digital era and basically makes it illegal to circumvent anti-piracy measures that are built into commercial software or to make or sell devices that can crack the anti-piracy measures and therefore copy the software. It also limits the liability of Internet Service Providers that are only transmitting the information, but they must immediately take down material that seems to infringe copyright

2b. Business Models

The printer manufacturing industry has chosen for its business model the Gillette business model that is it sells its products very cheaply or if necessary at a loss to ensure the after market sales of its blades. Cartridges can be worth many times more than the cost of the printer over the life of the printer. This is why manufacturers often contend with companies who they see as eating into their profits and are always trying to push them out.

2c. Lexmark and Static Control Components

Lexmark the second largest manufacturer of printers claimed that Static Control Components had reverse engineered their chip in order to provide lower priced cartridges. They cited that the DMCA covered their chips copyright and Static Control Components chip was therefore illegal. The copyright office of the United States ruled that a company cannot use DMCA to shield itself from healthy competition.

2d. Epson Succeeds

Epson is one of the largest manufacturers, if not the largest in the world. It too like lexmark has its own interest at heart when it also goes for the aftermarket inkjet manufacturers , but unlike Lexmark and other manufacturers it is not pursuing the DMCA route. What Epson is doing is simply charging these companies with patent infringement of two of their patents namely 7,008,053 and 7,011,397. which cover minor technical changes in the way that the cartridges are produced, todate they are having a lot of success as many companies are choosing to settle rather than fight it out. which is not good news for the consumer and may sound the death knell for inexpensive cartridges. Epsons vice president recently said “We will continue to pursue the ITC action and the pending District Court lawsuit vigorously and take whatever other action may be necessary to protect Epson from unfair competition through patent infringement or the distribution of counterfeit ink cartridges.” It will not be long before the other manufacturers follow this line.

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